State and Local Outreach to improve how we do business in the area

The Alliance recognizes that many opportunities to improve the corridor exist at the state and local levels. Efforts to increase stakeholder engagement and build key partnerships is a core competence of the 128 Corporate Alliance

Alliance Action Agenda:

  • The Alliance engaged with former Secretary of Economic Development, Greg Bialecki, to pursue regional planning efforts that include five key principles for action, including short and long-term traffic and transportation measures, essential services challenges, and emergency planning. View the five key principles here.
  • Supported joint efforts of the Central Corridor Coalition (C3), representing the communities of Burlington, Lincoln, Lexington, Waltham and Weston, in working with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council on developing a 128 Central Corridor Plan.
  • Worked with Central Corridor Coalition (C3) to help form a Federal/State legislative transportation caucus.
  • Coordinated meeting with NSTAR team to review power reliability issues in the Winter Street area. Provided feedback to NSTAR on proposed efforts to enhance service in the area including service upgrades, maintenance challenges, and response time to power outages.

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