What is the 128 Corporate Alliance?

The 128 Corporate Alliance represents a dozen businesses employing more than 5,000 workers including Raytheon, Mass Medical, and National Grid that supports the idea that “quality of workplace” is of paramount concern to member firms and their employees.

What are the Objectives of the 128 Corporate Alliance?

The Alliance hopes to offer a forum for exchanging ideas and enhancing the quality of the work place for area companies and their employees, focus on issues and challenges facing companies located along Route 128, in contrast to the broader needs of businesses throughout the community and to provide a platform for communicating these issues at the local and state levels.


What are the main challenges facing the 128 Central Corridor?

Traffic and the need for transportation alternatives along Rt. 128 from Burlington to the Mass Pike, reliable municipal services for businesses along the corridor, including water, sewer, electricity and gas and emergency planning to avoid catastrophic traffic issues caused by bad weather or accidents.

Why become a member?