Since its inception in June 2009 the 128 Corporate Alliance has focused its efforts on a number of key initiatives that support the quality of the workplace along the central Route 128 Corridor.

  • mass-traffic

    Improving Transit to make the commute better for the region’s workforce

    Recognizing that limited options for mass transit exist, the Alliance is committed to working with the 128 Business Council, transportation planning organizations, and state and local government to increase options. Alliance Action Agenda: Since April 2017, the Alliance has been tracking the 10 significant projects presented at the Waltham Special...

  • state-map

    State and Local Outreach to improve how we do business in the area

    The Alliance recognizes that many opportunities to improve the corridor exist at the state and local levels. Efforts to increase stakeholder engagement and build key partnerships is a core competence of the 128 Corporate Alliance Alliance Action Agenda: The Alliance engaged with former Secretary of Economic Development, Greg Bialecki, to pursue...

  • rendering

    Route 128 MassDOT Construction

    A major challenge in the corridor has been the ongoing complex bridge replacement projects including the replacement of the Winter Street Bridge at Exit 27 and the Main Street Bridge at Exit 26, both along Route 128. Concerned about these projects, the Alliance developed a working relationship with MassDOT to monitor the progress of key...

  • mass-transit-station

    Multi Modal Transit Station

    The region has limited transportation options and relies heavily on the use of single occupancy vehicles for travel to and from work. The Alliance supports efforts to complete a study for a multi-modal transit station along the Fitchburg MBTA line that would enhance commuting and reverse commuting options to the region. Alliance Action Agenda:...