“The issues along the 128 corridor are unique, suburban parks sometimes suffer from infrastructure challenges and that don’t occur in the downtown. The 128 Corporate Alliance provides a forum for tackling these challenges as a group…and getting results.”
–Paul Sorgi, Immunogen

“We had been dealing with issues one at a time through a large network of neighbors, now with the 128 Corporate Alliance we are planning and thinking strategically about infrastructure challenges.”
–Gretchen Barron, Massachusetts Medical Society

“Route 128 is operating beyond capacity, but the corridor has so much to offer to companies and their employees. We are committed to a number of alternatives to help reduce highway congestion.”
–Tony Micho, Perkin Elmer

“As a leading company on the 128 corridor we need to attract and retain a dynamic work force. This includes getting our people to work safely and back home. The 128 Corporate Alliance – working with partner organizations like the 128 Business Council – is leading change in the public transportation arena along the Central 128 Corridor.“
– Shirley Macbeth, ACI Worldwide

“Jack Troast’s leadership of the 128 Corporate Alliance has been extremely effective in bringing together key stakeholders to address workplace challenges like traffic, safety, and power upgrades.”
– John Gioioso, Fresenius Medical Care

“I participated in an organization similar to the 128 Corporate Alliance in the San Francisco Bay Area. This proved very positive for the member employers and Adobe was pleased to be a part of forming the Alliance. Our engagement with this group supported the construction of our 100,000 square foot R&D operation outside Boston.”
– Mike Bangs, formerly with Adobe Systems (now with Oracle)