Improving Transit to make the commute better for the region’s workforce

Recognizing that limited options for mass transit exist, the Alliance is committed to working with the 128 Business Council, transportation planning organizations, and state and local government to increase options.

Alliance Action Agenda:

  • Coordinated efforts to develop a single common transportation survey document. The survey provided data from over 5,000 commuters in the region. This information was captured in a comprehensive Central Route 128 Corridor study prepared by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council.
  • Supported efforts of the 128 Business Council to enhance its shuttle service in the region. This includes efforts to secure grant funding that would evaluate the multiple transit alternatives operating along the corridor to improve efficiencies and increase options for commuters.
  •   Initiated efforts with MassDOT on the completion of safety and access improvements to the Wyman Street entry ramp in Waltham.
  • Convened a meeting with local stakeholders including the City of Waltham on efforts to incorporate bicycle lanes and signage on Winter Street and Totten Pond Road. This meeting also addressed the need to improve pedestrian access throughout Waltham and the region.

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