Traffic and Transportation Alternatives

Route 128 from Burlington to the Mass Pike is notorious for traffic congestion, accidents and construction delays. Housing growth, as well as infrastructure improvements, have not kept pace with the rapid commercial development, yet the corridor remains extremely desirable to businesses seeking to locate outside the city, but proximate to a highly skilled workforce. Current employment in the corridor was approximately 129,000 based on 2000 census data. This is expected to grow to 140,000 by 2030 based on current trends. In addition, there are currently 15 major development projects in various stages of planning and construction in the region. A number of options to improve traffic and promote transportation alternatives are being promoted by state and local advocates and professional planners. The Alliance members are committed to working with neighboring communities, local developers, and state officials in an effort to develop proposals to reduce traffic delays through highway improvements and alternative transportation options to single occupancy vehicles (SOV) including public transit, private shuttle service, and bike and pedestrian mobility in the corridor.

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